Other splashes were made by cornerbacks

Other splashes were made by cornerbacks Josh Hawkins and LaDarius Gunter. Hawkins recorded his second interception of the preseason while Gunter, after some rough moments in coverage in the first half, picked off a pass and broke up another in the second half. Receiver Ty Montgomery also blocked a punt early, and rookie defensive lineman Brian Price forced a fumble late..

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Fondant tools Neiman Marcus and Lowe are among the companies already experimenting with futuristic retail stores. Robots, for instance, could help guide shoppers to the right aisle, while augmented reality apps could help you see how a particular shade of paint will look in the living room or how you might look in a pair of jeans. Many of these technologies will be unveiled or demonstrated at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas, which begins Tuesday with media previews.. Fondant tools

Baking tools I used the cheescloth methodMine is finished!!!!I decided to use what I had at home.The first attempt without the lid, I was not able to get a good seal.I redesigned it, by using the lid for sealing. By cutting through the lid, and leaving alip on all sides. I was able to attach a acrylic piece of clear plastc Baking tools.

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