Times Before Covid!

I was in there yesterday having a follow up appointment with Dr. Agarwal for a whole cross-eye double vision thing. But during the appointment, I mentioned to her that back in March of 2013, Dr. Agarwal did surgery on my grandmother to remove an eye that had a tumor on it. My family went to the surgery, back in pre-Covid times when that was something people could do, and since.Grandma was coming out with one eye, everybody wore an eyepatch in solidarity. My aunt got a picture of everyone gathered around Grandma post-surgery sporting their eyepatches, including Dr. Agarwal. I brought the picture with me to my appointment yesterday to jog her memory, but to my surprise, as soon as I mentioned my Grandma’s name, Dr. Agarwal remembered her, her diagnosis, the surgery, and the family of the weirdos who all showed up in eyepatches.

I have to be honest, her reaction touched me deeply. To know how many patients she’s worked with over her career and to find that she remembered my grandmother just like that, it really got to me. (Actually, when I was recounting the story to my mother later that day, it made my cry). Dr. Agarwal is going to be handling my surgery in a few months, whenever the world stops being on fire, and I’ve already been told by the rest of my eye care team that she is the best. Now I can also say the same. I fell completely confident that I’m in the right hands and I have become a huge fan of everyone in the entire office. You all rock!

Thank you all for everything so far and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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