May the Fourth be with you!

One of our amazing team members created this fun and delicious display today!    The world really needs The Force these days!!  

Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine! Dr. Agarwal is teaching 200 doctors this Sunday morning!  

Spring Flowers!

Thank you so much to KP for the lovely flowers!  Just doing our job over here- but sincerely appreciate the gratitude!   

Easter Donuts!

Well, Happy Easter to all of us here!  Thanks so much to AN for your kindness and being such a lovely and appreciative patient!  We sure do have A LOT of donuts to eat!  And Sidecar is amazing!!  

Valentine’s Day!

So grateful for our “Valentine” patients who share their appreciation! We are honored!  

The Gift of Cake!

Thanks to our patient Dr. F., who was so kind to ship us a Brooklyn Black-Out Cake all the way from a women-owned bakery in Brooklyn!  

New Bracelet!

So appreciate the amazing skill set of all of our patients!  This patient was kind enough to share her jewelry- making expertise, despite some health setbacks recently. So impressed with her skills and perseverance! Beautiful bracelet fits perfectly!  


So grateful to CH – did lacrimal tear duct surgery on her 18 years ago and she has been sending me handmade ornaments every year!  She has persevered through serious medical conditions and manages to be so generous and thoughtful!  … Continued


Some people cannot be stopped! Despite a number of setbacks, this lady perseveres and was kind enough to remember me while visiting Navajo Nation!  Handpainted and hand etched!  Gorgeous and thank you!